Filing Outlook messages in multiple folders

As you know, SimplyFile predicts into which Outlook folder you will want to file any particular message. So to move a message to that folder, all you need to do is click a button. Much faster and less error-prone than drag and drop.

Now, what if you would like to file a message in to more than one folder? SimplyFile has a way to do that as well. Just press the Ctrl key while filing the message. When you use ‘Ctrl + File Message’, SimplyFile leaves a copy of the message you are filing in its original folder, so you can file that message again into another folder.


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3 Replies to “Filing Outlook messages in multiple folders”

  1. Each time you hold to save a copy of a message, Outlook then drops down to the next email message. You have to re-select the original message before saving another copy. It would be great if it just stayed on the original message.

  2. Think about adding a multiple file option with a dropdown folder list that allows checkbox selection. Just a thought

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