TwInbox – Mandatory Upgrade

TwInbox LogoTwitter permission changes

Twitter has changed the way they handle authorization for 3rd party application. We have updated TwInbox to comply with the new requirements. The new version is available for download today from our website.

Upgrade is required to see direct messages

As the result of the above changes, the old versions of TwInbox will be unable to fetch your direct messages starting on June 30. In order to continue receiving direct messages in TWInbox, you must install the new version.

Re-login after the upgrade

After you have installed the new version, you will need to re-authorize your Twitter accounts in TwInbox. It is a simple process – just click the “Sign In to Twitter” button in the Account Options window, then enter your user name and password.


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2 Replies to “TwInbox – Mandatory Upgrade”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the update.
    I would like also to report a problem I’ve been having with TwInbox for about a year – It stops pulling tweets after about a couple of days of operation and resumes only after I restart Outlook.
    Are you aware of that problem?
    How can it be fixed?

    Thanks, Nathan (@nathanlipson)

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