QuickJump release

QuickJump LogoToday we released QuickJump version

  • QuickJump now supports both Microsoft .NET 4 and 3.5. You only need one of those installed on your computer. So if you have a brand new Windows 8 installation, you do not need to install .NET 3.5, you can simply use .NET 4, which is bundled with Windows 8.
  • New hotkeys – Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, …., Ctrl+9 – switches to the 1st, 2nd, …, 9th folder listed. We still recommend that you use type-ahead to filter the folder list to a small number (up to 5) before using one of these hotkeys.

Use the Check for Updates command to download the new version. Thank you for using QuickJump!

QuickJump and JumpToWindow

Today we released QuickJump and JumpToWindow There is one new feature – an ability to change the font size in the main application window. You can do so using keyboard hotkeys – Ctrl+Plus to increase font size, Ctrl+Minus to make it smaller.

To download the new version, use the “Check for Updates” command from inside of the application.


QuickJump release

QuickJump introduces the following new functionality:

  • Support for standard Windows “Browse For Folder” dialogs
  • Support for Windows Command Processor (cmd.exe)

Browse for Folders

QuickJump is now able to change folders in the Windows built-in “Browse For Folder” dialogs. It will work the same way as it does in the “Save As” and “File Open” dialogs.

Windows Command Processor (cmd.exe)

You can now use QuickJump to build command lines in CMD.exe. For example, you can use QuickJump to quickly cd to any directory (video link). It will also work for building any command line which involves directory path.


To upgrade, download and install the latest version from the main QuickJump page.


Thank you for using QuickJump!




QuickJump release

Today we released QuickJump This release improves QuickJump performance on computers running Trend Micro Antivirus.

To upgrade, download and install the latest version from the main QuickJump page.


Thank you for using QuickJump!

QuickJump 1.2 release

QuickJump Logo

We have just released a new version of QuickJump – 1.2. This version includes a number of great time-saving features and usability enhancements.

If you have not tried it yet, learn more and download a trial version of  QuickJump here.  You will be surprised by how it can cut down the number of repetitive steps your perform every hour and how much time it can save you.

What is new in this release

  • Added right-click context menu to the Folder Lookup window.
  • Added keyboard navigation commands to the Folder Lookup window.
  • Added an ability to use 3rd party folder explorers, even if they are not set as Windows default. (Configurable in the Options window).
  • Added an ability to make the Folder Lookup window partially transparent.
  • A number of usability tweaks, performance and bug fixes

Download QuickJump 1.2

Licensed users are entitled to upgrade to this release free of charge. Simply download and install the new version over your current installation.

Download QuickJump 1.2.

We are looking forward to your feedback

Drop us a note and let us know how you like this new version. We’d love to hear from you and we always look forward to your feedback.  


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New product – QuickJump – allows fast Windows folder navigation

QuickJump LogoToday we are excited to announce the first non-beta release of QuickJump.

QuickJump solves a relatively narrow, but very important and time-consuming productivity issue – navigating between various file system folders. No longer do you have to click up and down the folder tree every time you need to save or open a file. QuickJump will help you get to the right folder with just a few keystrokes. What is especially useful is that it works in standard “File Open” or “Save As” dialogs of any windows applications. Of course, you can use it to open folders in File Explorer as well.

How much testing went into QuickJump to date?

QuickJump has been in production deployment at several pilot sites for about four months now. We would like to sincerely thank all participants in the beta program for their feedback and encouragement. Beta-tester feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for both usability and stability of the product.  One of them, Mario Fortier, kindly allowed us to publish his quote. Thank you again!

QuickJump is an incredible piece of software. We first tried it in combination with MessageSave and ended out using it all the time.

We are an IP firm in Canada and are dealing with more then 50,000 files each having it’s own sub directory often with subdirectories. With QuickJump we can really jump into any of those sub in a flash.

QuickJump and a bit of methodology and I believe we might never need a Document Management system.

My only regret : I wish I had coded it myself.

Where can I learn more?

Watch a quick screencast demo.

We have also put together this FAQ page.

Enough already, let me download and try it.

Learn more and download QuickJump here.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback!