Outlook 2007 slow folder switching, missing AutoArchive – KB2412171

Microsoft has identified several issues with a recent Outlook updated (KB2412171).

If you are experiencing one of the following issues, you might be affected:

  • Slow performance while switching between Outlook folders.
  • Missing AutoArchive functionality.
  • Issues with password authentication while sending or receiving email.

Microsoft recommends uninstalling update KB2412171 if you experience any of the above symptoms. Only Outlook 2007 is affected. You can find more details in this article. Microsoft also published  KB2485531 on this issue.

Update: On January 11 2011, Microsoft issued an update which is supposed to fix the three issues listed above.

3 Replies to “Outlook 2007 slow folder switching, missing AutoArchive – KB2412171”

  1. MS have reissued the update KB2412171 on January 11th. It has just caused my Outlook to break, it keeps asking me for passwords every time I open Outlook. I removed the update via add/remove programs and the problem went away.

  2. I have also discovered that the missing AutoArchive issue happens with KB2509470. Try uninstalling that if uninstalling KB2412171 doesn’t work, or it isn’t already installed.

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