Microsoft Office 2010 Release Date

Update: Office 2010 has been released to manufacturing on April 15, 2010. Business customers with software assurance (SA) received it on April 27. Volume Licensing customers receive it on May 1.


BetaNews has confirmed that Microsoft Office 2010 will be released in June of 2010. Microsoft Office Web Apps will likely be released at the same time.

64-bit vs 32-bit

Microsoft Office 2010 is the first release of Office that will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. Microsoft recommends that you run the 32-bit Office even on x64 Windows, unless you have a special reason to use the 64-bit version of Office. For those of you installing Office 2010 x64, what are some of the reasons you are choosing to install the x64 bit version?

Will TechHit products support Office 2010?

Yes, absolutely! We have performed a preliminary round of testing of TechHit Outlook products with a beta version of Outlook 2010. The basic functionality works well with the 32-bit version of Outlook. Kudos to Microsoft for doing a good job on preserving API compatibility. We are planning on supporting 64-bit version as well as enhanced integration with the new-style UI. Follow this blog for news and beta version announcements.

Update: This article was published in December of 2009. Please see for the latest Office 2010 compatibility information.


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