New product – QuickJump – invitation beta launching today

We are excited to announce that today we are starting a public beta testing cycle for our brand new product – QuickJump. QuickJump is our first product that works outside of Outlook.

QuickJump solves a relatively narrow, but very important productivity issue – navigating between various file system folders. QuickJump will help you get to the right folder with just a few keystrokes. What is especially interesting about it is that it works in standard “File Open” or “Save As” dialogs of any windows applications. Of course, you can use it to open folders in File Explorer as well.

How much testing went into QuickJump to date? 

QuickJump has been in production deployment at several pilot sites for about two months now. We would like to sincerely thank all participants in the private beta for their feedback and encouragement. Private beta-tester feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for both usability and stability of the product.  One of them, Mario Fortier, kindly allowed us to publish his quote. Thank you again!

QuickJump is an incredible piece of software. We first tried it in combination with MessageSave and ended out using it all the time.

We are an IP firm in Canada and are dealing with more then 50,000 files each having it’s own sub directory often with subdirectories. With QuickJump we can really jump into any of those sub in a flash.

QuickJump and a bit of methodology and I believe we might never need a Document Management system.

My only regret : I wish I had coded it myself.

Where can I learn more?

Watch a quick screencast demo.

We have also put together this FAQ page.

Enough already, let me download and try it.

To download QuickJump today, you will need a beta invitation code.  Please use the following invitation code – qjbeta38982. Download from this page.


Thank you for your interest! We are looking forward to your feedback.





Several beta-testers were kind enough to publish reviews of QuickJump.

If you write a review and would like us to list it here, please send us a note.



5 Replies to “New product – QuickJump – invitation beta launching today”

  1. I must say, its rather a neat and useful tool. I for one always tend to use multiple folders due to the nature of my job, and Quick jump is an ideal tool that helps me to easily and quickly get to those nested (hard to reach) folders.
    There is not much I can say. Suffice that others should try out the tool to see how effective and efficient the tool is.
    Quite honestly, up till now, I have not come across a tool that is similar to Quick tool. I would personally recommend it to those individuals who make use of multiple folders in their daily tasks – Its a brilliant tool.

  2. Quite frankly one of the best navigation tools I have ever seen. Have been playin with it and cannot believe how fast it helps me navigate to folders on our network. I have tried DirectFolders, FileEx, and other navigation tools embedded within the Save As dialogue box but this utility cuts the time down by at least 80% based on my experience.
    I am also trying out MessageSave from TechHit……which is the ONLY utility on the whole Web that allows you to save your emails in the MSG format by default…….looked for months for something like this. Tired of using Outlook when it defaults to txt or html for my saving of message…….how sad is Microsoft for this idea?

    Plus am trying SimplyFile and EZDetach……all have worked flawlessly and have not made my Outlook buggy like SperrySoftware did with their various Outlook utilities.
    Nothing is worse than faulty software but I have not been able to find a single faulty thing with TechHit’s software…..a rare find these days as developers try to make money off people looking for software solutions.
    You would think I work for TechHit, but feel free to contact me at…….We are in Ontario, Canada. Always glad to share my opinion 🙂

  3. Hi

    I am a wedding photographer and have need to navigate to folders within folders as a frustrating but inevitable part of my work flow. One day I decided to search the net just in case there was a quicker of navigating and came across this bit of software.

    I cannot believe how good this software is. It is very simple to use, saves me a considerable amount of time and I believe is saving my sanity,

    In the two weeks I have used it I have not found a single bug and believe me I have hammered the application!

    Thank you for writing this very useful bit of software which I highly recommend to anyone whose work flow requires a lot of folder navigation.

    Please keep me updated, particularly when you produce the retail version.

    Kind regards


  4. This is a GREAT program. I use a lot of folders to keep my files organized (such as by project). This helps me find things but getting to the folder I need can be a pain. QuickJump makes this SO MUCH EASIER!!! Definitely a “must-have” program for me.

    I’m trying out SimplyFile as well and plan to purchase this soon.

    I just wanted to say thanks for some great programs and to everyone reading this – try these programs out, you won’t be disappointed!


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