OutTwit now supports posting picture files and Outlook email attachments to Twitter

The latest release of OutTwit has introduced several exciting features related to uploading and posting pictures as well as viewing tweets with images in them.

OutTwit now supports posting pictures attached to Outlook email messages as well as any image files from your computer to Twitter via TwitPic, Posterous and Twitgoo.

Read on for details on the new features, then head over to the OutTwit page to download the latest version.

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1. Posting an Outlook email attachment picture

OutTwit makes posting an Outlook attachment picture to Twitter super simple.

  • Select the message
  • Open OutTwit’s Post window
  • Select the attachments from the list of image thumbnails
  • Click Upload to upload the picture, then click Update to post your message to Twitter.

View a quick demo:

Using OutTwit to post an Outlook email attachment to Twitter.

2. Posting a picture from your computer

With OutTwit, to post a picture to Twitter you simply drag-and-drop, then click Upload.

  • Open OutTwit’s Post window
  • Drag and drop the picture you would like to post into that window
  • Click Upload, then Update to post the message.

View a quick demo:

Using OutTwit to post a picture to Twitter.

3. Previewing TwitPic pictures

If a tweet contains a link to a picture on TwitPic.com, OutTwit will show you a preview of this picture right in the message. You do not have to click on the link to see the picture anymore.

TwitPic Picture Preview


Download and install the latest version of OutTwit from this page. Enjoy and happy OutTwitting!

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