What new features would you like to see in OutTwit

OutTwit LogoMany of you have sent us messages saying how much you enjoy using OutTwit. Thank you for your kind words! We always like to hear from happy users.

What would make OutTwit even more useful to you? What new features would you like to see added in the future?

  • Multiple account support?
  • Spell checker?
  • TwitPic integration?
  • What else?

Let us know in the comments below. Thanks, and keep on OutTwitting!

19 Replies to “What new features would you like to see in OutTwit”

  1. I would like to be able to create rules to move each tweet into his/her individual folder. That would help me decide who is worth following and keep me more productive.

  2. As well as multiple accounts, I’d like to see a UI element to make it easy to increase the number of tweets retrieved. I know there is a registry hack to get the total up to 200, but I’ve never understood how to implement this.

  3. Multiple Accounts would be good.

    Spell Checker is a hi pri, can you use Outlook’s/Word’s?

    Twitpic, or other photo sharing is a must as well, #1 reason I leave outtwit.

    I would like to have rules run on the folder after outtwit loads new items. This would allow the full power of outlook rules to sort/delete/etc. all of the tweets, rather than add those features in outtwit.

    Support of >username for retweets (both to retweet and to link to user name when retweets use it), it save 3 chars over “RT @”

    Consistentcy between the machine outtwit loads tweets to, and other outlook instances. Currently the loading machine (desktop) tweets seem to be “new posts” and I have to ctrl click on link to open them, and there is no delete button. On non-loading machine, opened tweets are posts, but no editable (expected) , single click to open links, there is a delete tag.

    Maybe control subject line and tweet body differently. After about 100 tweets, it gets hard to read tweet in preview pain, I had to remove it so I could quickly scan tweets faster.

  4. Pollinator, you can already do what you are talking about in the current build. In the options menu, click on the receiving tab and check “Create Individual fodlers for each sender”.

    Currently, there is a way to break out all senders into folders or nothing, but I would like to be able to create rules to separate specific tweets into folders. I signed up for dealnews tweets and they flooded my folder with hundreds of tweets per day. I wanted to be able to filter out one or two specific senders into new folders, but keep all the rest in one main folder.

  5. One other huge one, instead of doing “preview” for URL, can we have automatic URL expansion in the saved tweets? I would prefer that to having to hover, or click.

  6. I am on a roll! I would like the outtwit tool bar tweet field not to reset when it loses focus. It is a huge pain in the ass to write most of a tweet, then either click on something in IE, get an IM, or reminder, or otherwise swtch focus, and lose the whole tweet. Could you leave anything typed in the focus box until cleared?

  7. Zot – thank you very much for all your suggestions. Unfortunately, resetting typed message when loosing focus is an Outlook toolbar behavior. All “edit” fields on all Outlook toolbars do that.
    We wish we had a workaround for it 🙂

    You could use the “Post a new Update” window instead. There is an option to define a keyboard hotkey to invoke it, so it may be just as convenient.

    Thanks again!

  8. I would like to see UTF8 character support in the ‘Post Update’ option (meaning it shows the UTF8 character set on-screen and allows you to select characters you want to add to your update)

  9. I’d like to see an option to have the user’s full name displayed, rather than their Twitter user name.

  10. Mojorific – thanks for your suggestion. OutTwit fully supports posting UTF8 characters. As far as typing them in, we recommend using Microsoft Character Map application.

    Do you have an example of an app that has this CharacterMap-type functionality built-in?

  11. Probably not possible, but a portable version would be nice. We can’t install software at work, but it would be great to be able to use OutTwit at work.

  12. Two suggestions:

    1. Add a stop follow button – sometimes I realize I just don’t want to listen to someone anymore and don’t feel like logging into the website just to drop them.

    2. Add a link in the View menu for the OutTwit toolbar, every once in a while it just disappears – can’t figure out how to get it restarted.

  13. My absolute number one feature request would be to get the full reply-thread for a tweet in each “mail”, so it is easy to get the proper context when skimming. Sort of what Troy’s Twitter Script for Greasemonkey does with the webfeed.

  14. I love the keyboard support in TwInbox. I am blind and can’t use a mouse. I would be thrilled to have a hotkey to retweet things, something similar to the hotkey I can use to write a new tweet. Right now it takes me several keystrokes to get my screenreader program to click the menu and find the retweet button.

    I agree with the person who asked for expansion of TinyURLs. I can’t hover a mouse over the preview links, and it would be great to be able to tell where the link will take me. Maybe it could be a toggle option as an alternative to the preview links.

    Thanks for making such a cool app and for sharing it with the Twitterverse. 🙂

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