JumpToWindow release

JumpToWindow logoToday we released JumpToWindow Changes include:

  • JumpToWindow now supports both Microsoft .NET 4 and 3.5. You only need one of those installed on your computer. So if you have a brand new Windows 8 installation, you do not need to install .NET 3.5, you can simply use .NET 4, which is bundled with Windows 8.
  • New option to disable window preview when running under Remote Desktop. This can help performance on a slow connection.
  • New hotkeys – Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, …., Ctrl+9 – switches to the 1st, 2nd, …, 9th window listed. We still recommend that you use type-ahead to filter the window list to a small number (up to 5) before using one of these hotkeys.


You can download the JumpToWindow release directly from our website or use “Check for Updates” command in the application menu. Enjoy!