TwInbox release

TwInbox LogoTwInbox is available for download today.

Changes include:

  • Display tweets longer than 140 characters – up to the full new 280 limit.
  • Count all URL length as 23 characters when composing a tweet.

Download the latest version of TwInbox from our website, or use the “Check for Updates” TwInbox menu command.

Be sure to follow @TechHit on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news and updates. Thank you for using TwInbox!

Do you have too many messages in your Inbox? Try SimplyFile  – Intelligent filing assistant for Microsoft Outlook.


Categorize Outlook email by typing a comma-separated list of tag

For many Outlook users, the perfect tagging workflow is typing a comma-separated list of categories with autocomplete and hitting Enter. SimplyTag LogoToday we released SimplyTag version, which supports exactly that. The QuickTag window now supports using a comma to either select an existing tag or create a new one. So simply type “tag1, tag 2, … Enter” and you are done!

Use the Check for Updates command to download the new version. Happy SimplyTagging!

SendAware Official Release

Mistakes happen – we help prevent them

Accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipient can be a costly mistake. If you have not done it yourself, you most likely know somebody who has.

We are excited to announce the official release of SendAware, specifically designed to help prevent unforced errors which are becoming all too common in today’s fast-paced environment.

Download your copy today

Learn more about how SendAware will help you prevent sending email to the wrong recipient and download your copy today.

Thank you to Beta testers and Customers

Finally, we would like to say a Huge Thank You to all SendAware beta testers for their wonderful feedback, suggestions and encouragements! We love building products that help our customers, the best customers in the world!

SimplyTag release

SimplyTag LogoToday we released SimplyTag version Changes include:

  • An option to control whether existing tags on the original message should be preserved for the “Send and Tag Reply and Original” command.

Use the Check for Updates command to download the new version. Happy SimplyTagging!

SimplyFile release

SimplyFile has been released. Changes include

  • Improved sent message filing under some configurations.
  • Support deployment on FIPS-enabled systems.

To upgrade, simply download and install the latest evaluation version from our website or use the “Check for Updates” button on the SimplyFile drop-down menu. Keep on SimplyFiling!