Filing Outlook messages in multiple folders

As you know, SimplyFile predicts into which Outlook folder you will want to file any particular message. So to move a message to that folder, all you need to do is click a button. Much faster and less error-prone than drag and drop.

Now, what if you would like to file a message in to more than one folder? SimplyFile has a way to do that as well. Just press the Ctrl key while filing the message. When you use ‘Ctrl + File Message’, SimplyFile leaves a copy of the message you are filing in its original folder, so you can file that message again into another folder.


Do you spend too much time on email? Learn more about SimplyFile, it will save you an hour each week!



SimplyFile release

Today we released SimplyFile3.0.0.222. It improves startup performance in a small number of configuration involving a slow Exchange server.

To upgrade, simply download and install the latest evaluation version from our website or use the “Check for Updates” button on the SimplyFile drop-down menu. If you already have a version 3.0 license key, SimplyFile will automatically recognize it. Thank you for using SimplyFile. Keep on SimplyFiling!

SimplyFile release

SimplyFile_LogoToday we released SimplyFile It fixes an issue with filing sent messages which affected some configuration involving Outlook 2010 and IMAP accounts.

To upgrade, simply download and install the latest evaluation version from our website. If you already have a version 3.0 license, SimplyFile will automatically recognize it. Thank you for using SimplyFile. Keep on SimplyFiling!

SimplyFile featured in The 2010 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide

SimplyFile_LogoLawyers put very high value on every minute of their time. That is probably one of the reasons why they have been among the most enthusiastic users of our products, especially SimplyFile, MessageSave and QuickJump.

We are honored that SimplyFile has been featured in “The 2010 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide: Critical Decisions Made Simple”. Authors call it their “find of the year” for 2009. Read an excerpt about SimplyFile. And if you are in the legal field, check out the rest of the guide. It is full of useful information.

Thank you to the authors for including SimplyFile into this year’s edition!

SimplyFile 3.0 Official Release

SimplyFile_LogoWe are happy to announce that SimplyFile 3.0 is ready for the official release. We have put a lot of work into making your trusted Inbox companion even more effective, and judging by what we heard from the Beta testers, it certainly paid off.

Thank you to Beta testers

We would like to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who participate in the Beta cycle and provided feedback. Beta feedback on usability and stability of SimplyFile 3.0 has been overwhelmingly positive. Here is one of them:

Your product is absolutely amazing and quite literally has changed the way I work with email (for the better).  It is the most useful application I have ever downloaded, and I will never be without it.  Over one weekend, I have cleared (organized and filed, not deleted) over 6,000 messages, and am on track to clear a two-year backlog in the next day or two.  What a relief … thank you for developing such a useful and well-thought-out piece of software.

 Thank you, we really appreciate all the support and encouragements.

What is new in SimplyFile 3.0

SimplyFile 3.0 includes a number of great new features. Outlook 2010 Ribbon UI support; powerful new filing commands, such as “File Thread”, “File Sender” and “Batch File”; interesting usage statistics and much more. We are confident that you will feel even more productive with this new version. Read an overview of new features here and download the new version.

Upgrading from previous versions

As with every new release, we will offer upgrade discounts to current customers. Please watch your Inbox for the upgrade announcement email in the next few days.

Note: Unlike the previous versions, SimplyFile 3.0 does not have a separate full version download. The trial version is unlocked using a license key.


As always, we are looking forward to your feedback! And thank you in advance for recommending our products to your friends and coworkers.



SimplyFile review in the Technology for Educators blog

Thanks to Sue Frantz at Technology for Educators for publishing a review of SimplyFile.

SimplyFile is an Outlook addin. I tried it for 30 days, but I wasn’t sure it was worth the price. I uninstalled it. After not having it for an hour, I pulled out my credit card. It made my email time so much more efficient, I couldn’t go back to my pre-SimplyFile way of doing things.

Read the rest of the review.

And stay tuned for the upcoming release of QuickJump. I have a feeling it will cause a similar reaction in many of you :).

SimplyFile release

We have just released a new version of SimplyFile – It includes the following changes:

  • New command – “Send, File and Go”.
  • Improved support for Public Folders in the QuickPick window,
  • The QuickPick folder list can be scrolled using Ctrl+J and Ctrl+K, in addition to Down and Up keys, for faster navigation. (This way you do not have to move your hands to the arrow keys).
  • Improved support for Outlook 2002.
  • An ability to configure SimplyFile via Active Directory GPO.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Licensed users – download the full version.
Evaluation version download.